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Come Paint a Little with Cindy Valdez. April 23, 12-1:30. Luminescent watercolors

Sunday April 23-  Free Hands On Event
Come Paint a Little - today's theme A LITTLE SPARKLE, SHIMMER, & SHINE with Luminescent watercolors
with Cindy Valdez

See what happens when you infuse a little ZING into your watercolors with Daniel Smith Luminescent colors. 

This free get together will give you the opportunity to meet other watercolor enthusiasts and to try something different.  This isn't a structured art lesson, but is an opportunity to experiment, have fun, and make a mess that you don't have to clean up yourself!

Space and supplies are limited, so please call the store to register and save your seat.

INTERFERENCE COLORS are virtually colorless when applied to white paper, but when layered over a darker color refract light in tints of blue, copper, green and more. 

PEARLESCENT COLORS provide a constant pearly shimmer without the light shifting qualities of the Interference line. 

DUOCHROME COLORS appear to shift as the viewing angle changes.  Depending on the reflective light, color changes between two distinct shades. 

IRIDESCENT COLORS  are opaque with a pronounced shine.  The color is constant regardless of the viewing angle.

To save your seat, please call the store: 425.643.1781

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