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Free Hands On Demo. DS Luminescent Watercolors with Thom Wright

Daniel Smith's Luminescent Watercolors - Unlock the Potential
with Thom Wright

Join Thom for a hands-on chance to try DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Watercolors!This event is for adults from beginner to expert.

You'll learn the difference between Iridescent, Interference, Duochrome and Pearlescent paints. More importantly, you'll get to play with them and see what they do on different backgrounds. Learn to use these beautiful paints to add effects to your paintings impossible to get any other way.

Never touched a paint brush? Now is the time. Looking for something new to bring to your paintings? Let's explore together. Expand your knowledge, spend some time creating, and have some bright and shiny FUN during these dark winter days!

Space and supplies are limited, please call the store to reserve your space for this FREE event.

Business of Art Series Winter 2017

Business of Art - A series of conversations for professional and soon to be professional artists
with Ray Pfortner
Select Tuesdays

Join Ray Pfortner and other area artists to discuss how, why, when and if to make your art into a business. Learn from each other what has worked for others and might work for you, too. Come for one or all of the series.  Even if you've attended before, each session is different with different attendees, points of view, experiences, and insights. 

November 7
20 Practical Tips for selling your Art (Originals and more)

November 14
Turn your Art into Cards and SELL them

December 5
Merchandising, Licensing, and Pricing your Art




Sunday October 22,  2017
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Though oil colour has been around for 600 years it can still be daunting. Luckily Winsor & Newton has been at it for long time too!

Demo artist, Amanda Sweet will help take the mystery out of painting with oils and the mediums and products available to artists. All 119 of Winsor & Newton's Artists’ Oil Colours have the highest level of pigmentation, a characteristic consistent with the broadest handling properties demanded by artists for excellent covering power and tinting strength.

Artists in attendance will learn rules to help them create paintings of long lasting permanence, such as fat over lean. We will discuss fundamentals of colour mixing, pigments, painting techniques, and introduce the family of Liquin mediums.

Each attendee will receive a sample pack of Artists’ Oil Colour materials.

Please call 425-643-1781 to register. Space is limited. 

Pet Portraits- A different approach

Pet Portraits - a different approach in Watercolor
with Molly Murrah
Saturday, October 14 – Free Demonstration


Molly Murrah has been teaching a different approach to watercolor portraits for a couple of years in which she renders subjects using a combination of transparent and opaque watercolor pigments. This technique is a perfect blend between painting in watercolor and painting in acrylic, without the drying issues and permanence of putting acrylics on paper. Molly will demonstrate a looser, freer style that lends itself to any subject, but pet portraits are especially fun!

She will explain how to transfer a reference image to your paper using one of several techniques. She’ll talk about whether a wet into wet underpainting is desired; how to crop for a good composition; how to finish your pet portraits with bright opaque colors if you want to get a little wild and crazy.

Join Molly for a very fun demo on October 14th!

Paint a Little. Free Watercolor Hands On Session.

Sunday, October 29 – Watercolor  Hands ON
Paint a Little with Cindy Valdez
Join Cindy for play time with watercolor.  She’ll show you some ideas for clouds and skies that will get your brushes loaded and the color flowing.
This is not a structured watercolor lesson, but a chance to experiment , play, and have a good time.

We'll supply the paints, paper, brushes and water, you just come and have some fun.

Supplies are limited, please call store to save your place. 425.643.1781

Free Demonstration. Primatek Watercolors.

Sunday, October 15 – Special Presentation: Daniel Smith Product
Primatek Watercolors
with Thom Wright
The Primatek line is a special collection of watercolors made from jewelry grade gemstones and minerals available exclusively from Daniel Smith.  DS developed this line from a genuine appreciation of natural materials and how artists of many cultures have used them for expression.

 Find out how they’re made and the properties that make these colors so delightful to work with.

Watercolor Mini Class. Cat and Pumpkins

Sunday, October 8 – Watercolor Mini Class $10 supply fee
Halloween Scene – cat and pumpkins
with Chihiro Yabe
During this class, Chihiro will take you step by step through your painting.   The result? A charming Autumn scene all your own.
Supplies provided.

Please call 425-643-1781 or email to register.

Free Demonstration. Abstract Portrait Shadow Play.

Saturday, October 7– Free Demonstration Mixed Media
Abstract Portrait Shadow Play
with Alicia Harvey
Alicia will share how she creates haunting images on black paper focusing on positive and negative shapes of shadows and highlights.

Working on a black surface instead of white or tan provides an instant dark value from which to build interesting contrast with lighter colors. Come see these striking effects for yourself!

Free Demonstration. Paper Marbling.

Sunday October 1 – Free Demonstration  
Paper Marbling with Jacquard Kits
11-12:30 (special time!)
Professional artist and Jacquard Creative Stategist, Alex Preston, will show you how to use this traditional technique to make your own patterned fabric, one-of-a-kind wrapping paper, greeting cards, fine art and more. Each design is as unique as a fingerprint!

Free Demonstration in Acrylics with Dianna Shyne

Sunday, September 10 – Free Demonstration Acrylics
with Dianna Shyne
Dianna shares how to create acrylic paintings that look fresh and fun with her SPLAT approach. 

Make art!  Working fast and free is FUN, as Dianna will show you.  

Whether you work in your studio, on your kitchen table, out in plein air, or inside a manila folder at work (OK-this last one's a stretch for painting) Dianna is motivated for you to paint!

On her website, Dianna admits to painting the many things that interest her. Splat! She paints! Splat! Come to the demo!

Free Demonstration Drawing / All Media Basic Lessons in Perspective with Dianna Shyne

Sunday, September 10 – Free Demonstration Drawing / All Media
Basic Lessons in Perspective
with Dianna Shyne
Whether you’re an artist just starting out, or someone more seasoned looking for a refresher, Dianna Shyne will help take the mystery out of getting basic perspective right in your drawings or sketches.

Free Demonstration. Sumi. All Fish Singing for Autumn with Yuming Zhu

Sunday, September 17 – Free Demonstration Sumi
 All Fish Singing for Autumn
with Yuming Zhu

 Autumn is the season of fishes coming back to home, celebrating  their adventures and bringing  harvest to life. It is a form of devotion, sacrificing, and celebration of life.  In this demo, Yuming will show Sumi style of  painting Gold fish, 
Koi  and different type of fishes. 

 A different Perspective and Composition will be demo'd to explain the philosophy of Sumi art and emphasis on expressing emotion.

About the Artist

Yuming Zhu is a very passionate and well-known artist in the Great Seattle area.  Sumi/Chinese Watercolor, Oil and Pastel are the mediums Yuming loves to express himself with. Yuming was interviewed by Art Business News magazine, refer to article “Simply Sumi-E: Capturing Nature with Sumi-e Master Yuming Zhu”. He participated in the “Five Thoughts of Asian Art” program that was offered through the Seattle Art Museum and KCTS Channel 9.
In 2015, he was the artist for Amazon Series “The Man In The High Castle”.

He continues teaching sumi painting and calligraphy at Bellevue College, art centers at the Greater Seattle area and nation-wide. Also he shows his artworks at galleries. To view his work:

Free Demonstration. Alicia Harvey. Colorblock Portraits

Saturday, September 2 – Free Demonstration Acrylic Markers
Abstract Colorblock Portraits
with Alicia Harvey

Alicia Harvey introduces you to a simple way of creating a Fauvist style portraiture using Molotow acrylic markers. A fun blend of abstract and realism let you color your subjects delighted! 

Mini Class Seeing the Details with Re St Peter

Saturday, September 16 – all Media Mini Class $10

"Seeing the Details"
 with Re St Peter

Re will go through the “pre-work” to putting together your painting.  This class will include discussion and exercises for determining compositional and design elements including value and line.

The focus will be on choosing the elements that are needed to tell your story - not rendering the "fine print!"

Supplies provided. 

Please call or email the store to register. 

Conversation. Ready or Not? Showing your work. Cheryl R Long

Sunday, August 13: Free Presentation / Conversation
Preparing to Show your Work: Ready or Not? 
with Cheryl Renee Long

In Cheryl's Words: 
To Show or Not to Show,
 Irrational and Rational fear of exhibiting your art

Over the years I have taught watercolor to many students. No matter how good they get, some of them would prefer to face a rattlesnake than show their art. Then there are people who frame their first painting and cannot wait to get it out there in public view. It takes all kinds and this talk is to help you sort it out. Maybe you are somewhere in between. In this 1-1/2 hour interactive talk we will discuss:

Irrational and rational fear of showing.
Am I ready to show my art?
Where should I start (it probably isn't at a gallery.)
Options where to show you might not have considered. 
Should I donate my art at an auction?
How do I know if I am good enough (don't ask your mother)
How can I frame my art affordably?
How should I price my art?
Should I enter a juried show?
What are the judges looking for?

We will talk about all of this and much more. Bring your questions. 
Contact Cheryl with inquires about this subject and her classes at

see my art at

Watercolor Demo. Ann Breckon. Puppies & Pals

Saturday, August 12: Free Watercolor Demonstration
Painting Puppies and Pals
with Ann Breckon
This demonstration will focus on painting the fur, eyes, mouths, tongues, ears and character of dogs.  Everything from how to create an accurate sketch to how to make the eyes sparkle and the tongue look wet will be included.  

So many textures, and such a variety of approaches!  Ann will help you get started.

Cardmaking Workshop. Business of Art. Ray Pfortner.

Sunday, August 6: Business of Art Workshop: $40
Making Greeting Cards from your art, and 
with Ray Pfortner
One of the best ways to test the marketplace with your art is to make greeting cards. The investment of time and money is small, and the product is very salable in many different venues. And cards are one of the best promotional tools out there.  Learn how to start making cards for under $75 and make sample cards with your own art you can then show to potential selling partners or sell yourself. Explore how to price your cards and how to find, approach and work with selling partners.  Bring 10 photographic prints of your art, 5x7 inches, 4x6 inches or smaller in pearl or luster finish.  We will provide everything else you need to make your own cards.   For all visual artists, 2d and 3d, working in all mediums from acrylic to graphite, watercolor to photography, pastel to ceramics, oil to jewelry.

Please call 425-643-1781 to register.

Watercolor Mini Class Chihiro Yabe. Strawberries.

Saturday, August 5: Watercolor Mini-Class: $10 supply fee
Sweet Little Strawberries, a watercolor project class
with Chihiro Yabe
Daniel Smith provides the paint, paper, and brushes, Chihiro Yabe provides the guidance and instruction as you create a sweet little watercolor suitable for framing and display. 
The planned painting will be similar to the photograph displayed, but may vary. 
Space is limited. Please contact the store to register and save your seat. 425.643.1781

Daniel Smith will provide basic supplies, but attendees may bring their own brushes etc if they wish

Christmas in July Gelli Print Demo Nan Robkin July 30

Sunday, July 30: Free Hands-On Demo: Gelli Prints
Christmas in July

With Nan Robkin 

Learn to use Gelli Plates with ink or paint to create gifts, cards, tags, and holiday decor.

Use the plates with paints or inks to create designs that can be printed onto papers and cards.  Create interesting textures and effects using bubble wrap, stencils, masks, and "found objects" - even rubber bands can contribute to making art!

Registration required.  Space and supplies are limited. 425.643.1781

GOLD MAGIC: Portraits on DS Gold Watercolor Ground July 29 Molly Murrah

Saturday, July 29, 2017: Free Watercolor Demo
GOLD MAGIC: Portraits on Daniel Smith's Gold Watercolor Ground
With Molly Murrah

GOLD MAGIC! Portraits on Iridescent Gold Watercolor Ground

Molly Murrah’s first love is painting portraits and she loves to share her process with others. Recently she has painted portraits on Daniel Smith’s iridescent gold watercolor ground. It was so much fun, she wants to share what she has learned with you!

In this demonstration, learn how to use iridescent gold as a background for your painting, a value in your composition and color in your subject, all to create a painterly, unique portrait. Such fun!

MiniClass Christmas in July Watercolor Card making July 23

Sunday, July 23, 2017: Watercolor Mini Class $10 supply fee
Christmas in July 
With Cindy Valdez   
We will supply the paint, the lineart, and the blank cards for you to create up to 3 different holiday cards with guidance from Cindy.  

Handmade cards are treasures at any time of  year. Get a head start with some ideas in this demonstration. Simple lineart, fun colors, plus time = excited card recipients!   Make someone happy, make someone a card!

Registration required. Call the store at 425.643.1781 to save your spot.

Printmaking Hands On Demo Linocuts. Hannah Winters. July 22,2017

Saturday, July 22, 2017: Free Hands-On Demo: Linocuts
Christmas in July
With Hannah Winters
Hands-On Fun with Hannah as you learn how to carve designs into linoleum to print your own holiday cards (or any occassion cards).

We will provide cutting tools, inks, and small pieces of linoleum as well as some cards and paper. 

Registration required, space and supplies are limited. Call the store at 425.643.1781 to save your spot.

Drawing Workshop. Amanda Sweet. July 2017

Saturday, July 8. 2017: Drawing Workshop $80
An Introduction to Perceptual Drawing
With Amanda Sweet      
The course will cover fundamental drawing concepts and approaches such as contour, measurement, proportion, composition, space, and gesture. The goal of the course is to practice seeing as opposed to preformed ideas of what you think you know. A list of drawing vocabulary will be provided, along with a general drawing survey to be presented via slide lecture. Students will construct several preliminary drawing studies, and one further developed drawing over a two-hour span. Please contact store to register 425.643.1781

Watercolor Demo. Cindy Valdez. Daniel Smith Watercolor Paints. July 2017

Sunday, July 2, 2017: Free Demonstration / Presentation
Introduction to Daniel Smith Watercolor
With Cindy Valdez          
 Cindy will discuss Daniel Smith Watercolors and touch on topics such as transparency, staining, and granulation.
We will talk about Daniel Smith’s Primatek line, as well as our Luminescent paints and our Watercolor Sticks.
A “try it” table will be available for hands on experience at the end of the discussion.

Chihiro Yabe watercolor workshop. July 2017

Saturday, July 1, 2017: Watercolor Workshop $100
Food for Your Kitchen Walls
with Chihiro Yabe
Instructor will work with students to create watercolor paintings of food suitable for display in your kitchen (or wherever else you want).
Space is limited. Please contact the store to register and save your seat.

Please call 425-643-1781 to register.

Nikki Frumkin demo and workshop June 2017

Saturday, June 17- Free Demonstration - Watercolor and Sketching
Pacific Northwest Landscapes
with Nikki Frumkin

Sunday, June 18- Watercolor Workshop $100
Pacific Northwest Landscapes
with Nikki Frumkin

Nikki Frumkin is a Swiss-American alpinist and artist living in Seattle, Washington. Her art is inspired by time spent hiking, climbing and mountaineering in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. You can often find her in the mountains with her sketchbook and watercolors in hand. Sometimes she straps huge sheets of paper to the outside of her pack and other times she just sticks a pen and scrap of paper in her pocket. She captures energy, light, weather and movement in her paintings. Her work combines pattern, vibrant color, and energetic lines to build a sense of place. Nikki Frumkin’s paintings have been exhibited in shows across the country. She also does art and design work within the climbing and outdoor industry.

To register for her workshop, please contact the store: 425.643.1781 or

Getting to Know your paints with Re St Peter

Free demo Saturday, June 10, Noon - 1:30
at the Bellevue Daniel Smith store.
Getting to know your (watercolor) paints!
With Re St Peter
Do you feel like you struggle to consistently get the color or effect you're after? Re will share tips & exercises that will help you better understand the personalities of your pigments and how well (or not) they play together.
This free demo replaces the workshop that was previously scheduled.

Free Demonstrations: Watercolor Travel Paintings and Sketches with Cheryl Renee Long

Sunday, June 4- Free Demonstration - Watercolors 
Travel Paintings and Sketches
with Cheryl Renee Long
Get some guidance on how to capture the moment when travelling from Cheryl, who will have recently returned from a trip to the American Southwest.  

Learn easy techniques to make wonderful travel paintings and sketches 
Bring home the memories that you love the best.
Cheryl will give you a list of essentials for your travel art kit. 

Every trip is a trip of a lifetime - this isn't the moment to leave your favorite

colors at home! 

Free Demonstration: Contemporary Russian Impressionism in Oils with Henry Stinson. June 2017

Saturday, June 3- Free Demonstration - Oils
Contemporary Russian Impressionism
with Henry Stinson

We're pleased to welcome our friend, Henry Stinson, back to our store for a demonstration of his approach to painting in oils.  
This event will give you a great opportunity to see the fundamentals of Russian impressionistic figure painting with a contemporary flare, from a highly respected artist and instructor. Henry will discuss the impressionistic approach to painting with the focus on color and relationships in developing a solid foundation for creating paintings.  No two Henry demos are ever alike, and we always learn something new when he stops in to visit.  Come see for yourself.

Watercolor and Collage. Free Demonstration with Kathy Collins May 27, 2017

Saturday, May 27 Free Demonstration - Watercolor Collage
with Kathy Collins

Kathy will demonstrate her process for watercolor and collage. Learn how to create dynamic new compositions by mixing collage techniques with watercolor paintings.
Kathy’s award-winning paintings have been featured in Watercolor Artist, American Artist, and The Artist’s Magazine publications, as well as the Splash - Best of Watercolor series. She is a Signature Member of the Northwest and Montana Watercolor Societies and Women Painters of Washington.

View her work  

Watercolors with Wendra. Demonstration and Workshop May 2017

Sunday, May 21- Free Demonstration - 
Watercolors with Wendra. Cultivating Creative Confidence
with Wendra Lynne
Wendra will show several fun and easy techniques that can be applied in cards and larger pieces that will help you go with the flow and enjoy the creative watercolor process.

Sunday, May 28- Workshop - Watercolors $50
Watercolors with Wendra. Cultivating Creative Confidence
with Wendra Lynne
This workshop gives participants the chance to explore the techniques Wendra demonstrated on May 21.  Have fun, relax, tap into your creativity. 

"While we may all not be full time painters or sculptures, we can all be more creative doctors, lawyers, sales people, parents etc. 
Creativity can help us reduces stress and allow us to live more joyful and productive lives.  

I have painted, drawn and taken photos all of my life.  I am a member of IATSE the Art Directors Guild for Screen and Television. 
I attended Art Center College of Design and I hold a BA in Art and Literature from Antioch Seattle. 
In my watercolor creativity workshops I call on my experience as a set designer and yoga instructor 
to set the scene for others to relax and unleash their creativity. 

I moved to Redmond just over year ago from Vashon Island.  I am truly enjoying all the art and diverse culture on the Eastside." 

"Watercolors with Wendra”  - Cultivating Creative Confidence.
Relax and enjoy unleashing your creativity.
Wendra guides us through fun and easy watercolor techniques in “Going with the Flow”.