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FREE Demo: Abstractions in Watercolor with Tom Hoffman! Saturday October 10th, 2015

Building a Bridge from Realism to Abstraction with Watercolor
Tom Hoffman

Free Demonstration:
Saturday, October 10, 2015  11-12:00  and  2-3:00

Building a Bridge from Realism to Abstraction with Watercolor

For many painters the trajectory of their practice is toward greater emphasis on form and less on content. As we move from realism to abstraction, the paint itself gradually becomes the subject matter. When shapes and strokes are deliberately seen as both representations of reality and as marks on paper, we are crossing from the realm of illusion into what may feel like uncharted territory.
How do we decide what works best when we let go of the usual standards? Are there any guidelines, or is abstraction a painting free-for-all?

In fact, the same standards that apply to realists are equally important to abstract painters. A painting with too many shapes, for example, feels busy whether it is a cityscape or a non-representational collection of forms. Wherever your work resides on the continuum from realism to abstraction it will benefit from being clear and deliberate in your use of value, composition, color and edge quality. As you extend the range of your comfort zone you can keep one foot in familiar territory.
In the demonstration we will look at a series of images that illustrate the shift of emphasis from content to form. We will consider what gives each painting its structure, and assess the roles played by illusion and emotion.
In the workshop we will learn to balance thoughtfulness and spontaneity, letting go of content-based dependency while holding onto sound formal guidelines.

Workshop: $200
Saturday & Sunday October 24th & 25th    
(10:30-4:30 Saturday  and  11:30-4:30 Sunday )
please call the store to register for the workshop

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