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FREE Demo: SUMI Wisteria Dancing in the Year of the Ram with Yuming Zhu! Sunday, June 7th, 2015

Free Demonstration: Wisteria Dancing in the Year of the Ram

Sumi with Yuming Zhu
Sunday, June 7, 2015
12-1:30 (one session only)

Yuming Zhu will demonstrate his interpretation of Sumi brush strokes of traditional character of Ram/Sheep. In this demo, Yuming will also introducing wisteria in Sumi style by using two different types of rice paper which could help workshop participants to prepare and for general audience as well.  
Knowledge of Sumi materials will be shared in the demo.  
Yuming’s Demo is a great way to preview his upcoming workshop as well.

WORKSHOP: Wisteria Dancing and NW Landscape with Yuming Zhu! Saturday, July 11th, 2015

Workshop: Wisteria Dancing and NW Landscape in the Year of Ram 

Sumi with Yuming Zhu
Saturday, July 11, 2015 
10:00 am- 4:00 pm.

In this workshop, participant will learn to write the character of Ram/Sheep in different style with powerful Sumi stroke. Also participants will learn how to paint wisteria in Sumi style by using two different types of rice paper in the morning and landscape in the afternoon.  Brush stroke and composition will be emphasized in the workshop. Comparative knowledge between Eastern Sumi art and Western/European art will be discussed.  Knowledge of Sumi materials, use and tradition of chop use will be shared in the demo.

Participants are encouraged to bring a photo of landscape they can work on.

FREE Demo: Creating Color Harmonies in Acrylics with Dianna Shyne! Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Creating Color Harmonies in Acrylics
Dianna Shyne
Sunday, May 31, 2015
Free Demonstration

In this fun lively demonstration, Dianna willtake the mystery out of mixing acrylics  to create beautiful and compelling color harmonies.

Pursuing her passion for art, Dianna Shyne has over spent thirty years working in acrylic, oil and watercolor. She studied for over 15 years with renowned Russian Impressionist teachers including Ron Lukas, William Reese and Del Gish.

 Richly textured surfaces, compelling compositions, and dynamic color interplay form the basis of Dianna’s unique style.  Recent painting trips to the Yunnan Province of China, Prince Edward Island, Maine and Tuscany have provided rich painting material for her work for many years to come.

FREE Demo: Watercolor Textures and Special Effects with Cindy Valdez! Sunday, May 24th, 2015

Textures and Special Effects in Watercolor 
Cindy Valdez
Sunday, May 24, 2015
1-2:30 (one session only)

Come play with paint as Cindy encourages you to break out of a painting rut by adding texture and unpredictability into your work. 

See what happens when you introduce salt or rubbing alcohol into your wet washes.  Create additional lines and texture by using screens or cling film with your paints. Have you ever used cheesecloth when painting? Now is your chance!

This is a hands-on session to allow you to explore the processes yourself and leave with swatches of several techniques for reference in your own work. 

Space is limited. Please call 425-643-1781 to reserve a spot.

FREE Demo: Watercolor Sketching with Liesel Lund! Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

Watercolor Sketching - Demonstration
Liesel Lund
Saturday, May 23, 2015
12-1:30 (one session only)
Free demonstration

Discover the joy of mixing line and washes in Watercolor Sketching. Learn about different materials to use, tips for working on location, and how to capture a subject in ink when you have no drawing experience. See how easy and fun it is. This is a perfect way to be creative AND enjoy your summer outdoors at the same time. 

Liesel will bring her sketchbooks to share, demo techniques and be available to answer your questions. 

Liesel Lund teaches  in Seattle and around the U.S.. She offers both group and online classes in watercolor, art journaling, and mixed media.