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FREE Demo: Watercolor on YUPO with Stacie Clark! Saturday, April 25th, 2015

Demonstration: Watercolor on Yupo
Stacie Clark
April 25, 2015
11-12 and 1-2:00

Stacie will be painting an Iris so that people can see multiple YUPO techniques for successfully working with watercolors on YUPO in one painting.  YUPO is a synthetic sheet, an alternative to paper which can produce exciting effects and vibrant colors.

"The rewards of a well-done painting are worth the trials of working with this paper. Two of my YUPO paintings, “On the Rocks” and “Angustiado” were accepted into the NWWS Waterworks show. Finding our “inner voice” is important development as an artist and something I work on in my workshops with students who I work with in their journey. 

I strive to extend emotion and feeling into my pieces and let the viewer experience what I see and feel at the moment when it was created"

FREE Demo: DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Sticks with Che Lopez! Satuday, April 18th, 2015

Demonstration: Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks
Che Lopez
April 18, 2015
11-12 and 1-2:00

DS Watercolor Sticks can free up your imagination by drawing and painting in bold brush strokes from your drawing or right off your brush.  With the same techniques used in traditional watercolor, the sticks give you the freedom to paint anywhere without dragging your palette around.  Direct painting is where the sticks shine, amazing bold color use then opaque or transparent to create beautiful washes.

In this free demonstration Che will show you the 3 basic techniques he developed. Using the sticks to draw or paint right off the sticks.  Learning how to hold them while on location or in the studio, painting has never been so liberating and free.

Bio: Che Lopez NWWS, PSG
Che is a Signature Member of the Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS) and the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Artists ( PSG ). Che considers himself a painter, but his medium of choice is watercolor. He is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts, and has worked as a traditional animator, web and graphic designer. These days Che is a stay at home dad , full time artist and teaches Watercolor 101 and Teen Classes at the Kirkland Arts Center since 2009. You can also catch Che teaching Watercolor Workshops through out the Northwest.

MINI Workshop: Watercolor 101 Series with Che Lopez! Sunday, April 19th, 2015

WATERCOLOR 101 Mini-workshops with Che Lopez
Sunday, April 19, 2015
$10 materials fee for the class

Learn the basics of Watercolor painting in this “Hands On”,
1 hour Mini-workshop with Che Lopez. 
Che’s Watercolor 101, Mini-Workshop, is a fun way
to get your hands on some watercolors
and try them out while you learn!  
Class participants will receive $10 store credit toward purchases made after class (same day only).

Pre-Registration Required for Mini-Workshops:
please call the store to register at: 425-643-1781

FREE Demo: Demonstrations in Acrylic with Alicia Harvey! Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Demonstration in Acrylics 
Alicia Harvey

Limited Palettes of the Masters Demonstration
Do you want to try an acrylic palette but are overwhelmed by most suggested 8-9 color palettes? Do you feel completely lost staring at the multiple colors to choose from?
In this demo, Alicia Harvey presents a way to find a limited palette based on paintings by the Masters. At the end of this demo, you will leave with a basic list of 4 colors to get you started on the road to painting.

FREE Lecture: Business of Art Series with Ray Pfortner! Sunday, April 14th & 28th, 2015

Business of Art - a series of Lectures / Discussions
Ray Pfortner
April 14 and 28, 2015

(these sessions will continue on into May)

Ray Pfortner is an educator, photographer, and consultant who will facilitate discussions about moving your art from past time into profession. 

Each session will cover a different topic. Come for one, or come for all. 

04.14.2015  Exhibiting your art
04.28.2015  Merchandising, Pricing, and Licensing your art

FREE Demo: Fine Art COPIC Marker Portraits with Brandi York! Saturday, April 11th, 2015

Fine Art with COPIC Markers: Portraits
Brandi York
April 11, 2015
1-2:30  (one session only)
Free Demonstration

Join Brandi York as she takes you through the steps of using Copic Markers to create fully rendered portraits.  
From paper and color selection to techniques for layering, she'll demonstrate starting a piece and will field any questions about Copic Markers and portrait drawing in general.

Workshop: Four Steps to Drawing with Phil Jensen! Saturday, April 4th, 2015

Four Steps to Drawing - Drawing Workshop
Phil Jensen
April 4, 2015

This will be a hands-on, follow-along, real-time drawing workshop, as Phil demonstrates and guides students through the four-step process that helps artists keep on track of the most fundamental practice of seeing and really noticing what they are drawing. Included will be the simple four aspects of good drawings, that will carry on throughout each artist's drawing practice.

Please call 425-643-1781 to register.           
001 020 336

FREE Demo: Dura-Lar Plastic and Watercolor with Ann Breckon! Sunday, April 12th, 2015

Dura-Lar Plastic and Watercolor with Ann Breckon!
Sunday, April 12th, 2015
One session only!
Free Demonstration!

This demonstration will show multiple and interesting uses for two varieties of plastic sheets sold by Daniel  Smith, called Dura-Lar.  The clear, sized sheets are terrific as a teaching aid, for composition and trying out ideas on your paintings before committing.  The sizing allows for a  smooth application of watercolor and paint washes off easily for repeated use.
The frosted Dura-Lar cuts easily to make templates for lifting.  See how to make stencils that allow you to quickly and easily lift dozens of little daisies, clouds, moons, grasses and more.  

These affordable and fun plastic sheets will be a great addition to your watercolor tricks.

FREE Demo: Drawing & Painting Horses with Joe MacKechnie, March 21st, 2015

Drawing and Painting Horses
Joe MacKechnie
March 21, 2015
11-12 and 1-2
Free Demonstration

Drawing and painting water
Design and content considerations
Completing the sketch
Finishing with paint
Using mixed media

FREE Demo: Textures and Special Effects in Watercolor with Cindy Valdez, March 28, 2015

Textures and Special Effects in Watercolor 
Cindy Valdez
Saturday March 28,2015
1-2:30 (one session only)

Come play with paint as Cindy shows you how to break out of a painting rut by adding texture and unpredictability into your work. 

See what happens when you introduce salt or rubbing alcohol into your wet washes.  Create additional lines and texture by using screens or cling film with your paints.

This is a hands-on session to allow you to explore the processes yourself and leave with swatches of several techniques for reference in your own work. 

Space is limited. Please call 425-643-1781 to reserve a spot.

FREE Demo: Watercolor Collage with Kathy Collins, March 15th, 2015

Watercolor Collage
Kathy Collins
March 15, 2015
12-1:30 (one session only)
Free Demonstration

Kathy Collins demonstrates her mixed media technique for whimsical watercolor and collage on board.  Her colorful works are ready for framing without glass.

Kathy’s award-winning paintings have been featured in The Artist’s Magazine, Watercolor Artist, the Splash ‘Best of Watercolor’ series, and “100 Artists of the Northwest.” A Signature Member of the Northwest Watercolor Society and Women Painters of Washington, Kathy teaches ongoing classes and workshops.

FREE Lecture: Business of Art with Ray Pfortner, March 10th, 2015

Business of Art - a series of Lectures / Discussions
Ray Pfortner
March 10, 24, and 31st

(these sessions will continue on into April)

Ray Pfortner is an educator, photographer, and consultant who will facilitate discussions about moving your art from past time into profession. 

Each session will cover a different topic. Come for one, or come for all. 

03.10.15 - 20 Practical Tips for Starting your Art Business
03.24.15 - Turning Your Art into cards - and SELLING them
03.31.15 - Entering the Digital Age - the WHY and HOW of getting your 2D or 3D art photographed

FREE Demo: Introduction to Encaustics with Deborah Kapoor, March 7th, 2015

Introduction to Encaustics
Deborah Kapoor
Saturday March 7, 2015
12:00-1:30 (one session only)
Free Demonstration

This demonstration will cover basic techniques to get you started with encaustic and will give you a foundation to expand upon. This is an overview of the processes which will include preparing and fusing cradled panels, applying layers of encaustic, incising, stenciling, pouring, dipping, presenting, caring for, and transporting final works.

Deborah Kapoor integrates processes like painting, printing, cutting and collage with predominantly encaustic and mixed media. 

Her work will be featured in the forthcoming book Encaustic by Ashley Rooney, with foreword by Kim Bernard. She is also in the e-book Authentic Visual Voices (Catherine Nash, 2013), The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy (Holly Cohen Roochvarg& Christopher Calderhead 2012), Paper + Wax, Techniques for Combining Handmade Paper with Encaustic Paint (Michelle Belto 2012), and Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility (Daniella Woolf, 2010). 

She currently teaches both encaustic classes at Bellevue College and watercolor at ERA Living facilities.

FREE Demo: Bullseye Technique with Molly Murrah, March 14th, 2013

Using the Bullseye Technique as the basis for your painting
Molly Murrah
March 14, 2015
11-12 and 1-2
Free Demonstration

When you want an area of your painting to really glow and capture your viewer's gaze, use a bullseye technique in your underpainting. It's fun, easy to do, and when done with transparent paints, you will get the effect you are looking for. Once the bullseye underpainting is completely dry, you can paint and glaze the other elements in your painting as you normally would. Bullseye underpaintings can be executed subtly or dramatically – it all depends on what you are looking for! 
Join us and see for yourself how this exciting, fun process can enhance the luminous quality of your masterpiece!