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Winter Landscape in Acrylic with Cheryl Hoople, FREE Demos, October 21st, 2012

"Winter Trail" by Cheryl Hoople
Winter Landscape in Acrylic with Cheryl Hoople
Sunday, October 21st
at 12 pm & 2 pm - FREE demos!

Painter and plein air artist Cheryl Hoople shows you how she uses lots of bold colors and a big brush to paint distinctive winter landscapes filled with warmth and excitement.

“To begin a painting, I first spend a lot of time exploring, observing nature, and simply walking around the landscape—enjoying the moment and sense of place I see. (Sensual overload I believe experts call it.) Then I struggle to pick just one or two views to paint. Seldom does nature set up a perfectly edited, ready-made setting. This effort means I must eliminate a lot of distracting—if beautiful and interesting—details. The challenge for me is to capture the moment and the essence of an object. As another famous artist says: “Paint the air, not the subject.”
I usually start the painting process by making several tonal value sketches, choosing a limited palette of colors, and selecting one or two brushes to use. Beginning with a toned paper, I use loose (thick and thin) strokes to capture juicy shapes and patterns and to later add shadows, letting the paint mix on the paper. Finally, I add a few carefully chosen details to complete the painting.” -Cheryl Hoople

During her demo, Cheryl also reviews tools, paper, and paint selection and shares her favorite “secrets” to paintings that recall evocative winter memories.

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