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Walnut Ink & Watercolor Painting with Marianne Perkins, FREE Demos, July 1st, 2012

"Peaches" by Marianne Perkins

WALNUT INK & WATERCOLOR: Painting with Marianne Perkins
Sunday, July 1st, 2012
at 12 pm & 2 pm

"Pears" by Marianne Perkins

Painting with DANIEL SMITH Walnut Ink and DS Watercolors together! 

Marianne started using walnut ink with watercolor several years ago when drawing from figure models, trying it out as a replacement for india ink which seemed, at the time, a little harsh with watercolor. 
Walnut Ink, which Marianne believes is one the most underrated and under-utilized (while being one of the most versatile) tools in an artist’s studio is a natural for combining with the lush, and gorgeous DANIEL SMITH Watercolors.

Come and find out some tips and ideas for these mediums with Marianne at these FREE demos! 

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