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YUPO Paper: Conquering the Beast using Watercolors with Stacie Clark, FREE Demo January 29th, 2012

"Shells" by Stacie Clark
Watercolor on YUPO

WATERCOLOR: Yupo: Conquering the Beast with Stacie Clark
Sunday, January 29th, 2012
at 12 pm & 2 pm - FREE demo!

"Iris Duo" by Stacie Clark
Watercolor on YUPO
Working with YUPO* paper and watercolors can be tricky and Stacie will demonstrate a few simple techniques can be used to create unique watercolor paintings.

Using 9x12 or 11x14 YUPO paper, Stacie will explain the unique properties and demonstrate magical results that can be obtained when YUPO is overlaid with watercolor paints. Because YUPO does not absorb paint, the vibrancy and transparency of DANIEL SMITH watercolor paints can be utilized to create flowing water, textured shells, flower petals that glow as well as many abstract qualities useful for creating rocks, landscapes or pure abstract shapes and forms to explore your own voice and creativity!

*YUPO is a Synthetic Paper, is 100% recyclable, waterproof and tree-free!

"Waterfall" by Stacie Clark
Watercolor on YUPO

Painting Northwest Seascapes in Watercolor with Cheryl Hoople, January 21st, 2012

"Rocky Shores West Vancourver Island"
by  Cheryl Hoople

WATERCOLOR: Painting Northwest Seascapes
with Cheryl Hoople
Saturday, January 21st, 2012- FREE demos!
at 11 am & 1:45 pm

From pounding surf to rocky shore and tranquil slough, coastal scenes provide infinite inspiration and drama for beginning and advanced artists.

Join watercolorist Cheryl Hoople as she shows you how to paint Northwest seascapes. Using a direct, simply understated approach, Cheryl demonstrates how to add movement, contrast, and a range of tonal values to create a memorable painting.

Cheryl explains a number of basic watercolor techniques as well as methods for creating special effects as she demonstrates her own method of developing a coastal painting, step by step.

Discover what you can achieve as Cheryl demonstrates how to:

Get to know the materials—pick paints, brushes, and equipment to suit your project.
Watch as she shows you some watercolor basics : graded and wet-into-wet washes, dry brush techniques.
Cheryl will break down the coastal elements—and demonstrate how she paints surf and sky, rocks and beaches, birds and boats.

Cheryl’s step-by-step approach takes the intimidation out of this beautiful but often-mystifying medium, so come and learn something new and be inspired!

This FREE demo is a great way to pre-view Cheryl's Workshop: WATERCOLOR: Painting Northwest Seascapes with Cheryl Hoople on Sunday, February 12, 2012. The workshop is 12 pm to 4:30 pm, and $65 per day.

“LESSONS IN CLASSICAL DRAWING Essential Techniques from Inside the Atelier”: Book Signing with Juliette Aristides, January 15th, 2012

Books by Juliette Aristides

Essential Techniques from Inside the Atelier”
by Juliette Aristides.
Sunday, January 15th, 2012 - FREE book signing
at 12 pm & 2 pm

DANIEL SMITH Bellevue Store welcomes Juliette Aristides, artist, instructor and author, with a book signing to celebrate the release of her new book; “LESSONS IN CLASSICAL DRAWING: Essential Techniques from Inside the Atelier”. 

Juliette, an instructor at Gage Academy of Art, is the  author of two very popular art books: “Classical Drawing Atelier” and “Classical Painting Atelier”.  Her new book “Lessons in Classical Drawing” is different from her earlier “Classical Drawing Atelier” book by focusing on specific lesson plans for learning classical drawing based on her atelier classes and comes with a companion 80-minuet DVD.

We now have Juliette's new book availble for sale so come by, meet Juliette and have her sign her new book for you! 

Juliette Aristides book signing at Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store April 2008
Juliette will also be at our Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store on January 21st, 2012.  Please click HERE to find out more.

Unusual Perspectives & use of Dramatic Light in Pastels with Jannelle Loewen: FREE Demo January 14th, 2012

"Fireworks - Oaks Park" by Jannelle Loewen 
PASTELS: Unusual Perspectives & use of Dramatic Light in Pastels with Jannelle Loewen
Saturday, January 14th, 2012 - FREE demo!
at 11 am & 1:45 pm

"Mother Tree"
by Jannelle Loewen
Join national award winning artist, Jannelle Loewen, for an overview and demo of ‘Pastels - Unusual Perspectives and Use of Dramatic Light’ at the Bellevue Daniel Smith. You will learn the fundamentals of painting with pastels… and more!

In this demo, Jannelle will provide an overview of pastel fundamentals and then share her compositional and value secrets that make viewers take a second gasp when looking at pastel paintings! Jannelle will share her secrets; unusual perspectives and the use of dramatic light through composition and design, high contrast values, gorgeous colors and the use of sharp and blended edges.

Recognizing that there are many different learning styles, Jannelle will demonstrate her painting techniques and provide a written materials list and a basic overview of her painting style secrets so that the fundamentals of pastel painting are understood.
"New Snow Lake Reflections" by Jannelle Loewen

Drawing Portraits in Charcoal & Graphite with Dan Riley: FREE Demo, January 7th, 2012

"Camile" by Dan Riley
DRAWING: Portraits in Charcoal & Graphite with Dan Riley
Saturday, January 7, 2012 - FREE demo!
at 11 am & 1:45 pm

"Zak" by Dan Riley
 This demo offers insights about the human face that artists will find useful in drawing and painting accurate and interesting portraits.  Dan will discuss technical aspects like proportions and facial structure and a lot about the art of making the two-dimensional portrait come alive. The demo will be done mostly in varieties of charcoal and will emphasize the fun and versatility of this often under-appreciated media. As always with Dan, this discussion will be lively and fun. 

This FREE demo is a good way to preview Dan's Workshop in February:  "CHARCOAL & GRAPHITE: Portraits in Black & White with Dan Riley", Wednesday, February 15, 2012, $75 per day.