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Saturday, January 13 – FREE WATERCOLOR DEMONSTRATION Realism and Abstraction in the same painting. Cheryl R Long

Realism and Abstraction in the same painting
with Cheryl Renee Long
Cheryl will show how to combine a realistic center of interest with bold and unexpected abstract backgrounds in the same piece.  Mix opaque and transparent! Break some rules!

Cheryl is a lifetime resident of the Pacific Northwest and has been an artist from early on.  She takes her observations of the world around her and uses her knowledge of color and paint characteristics to depict those observations in beautiful and flowing color. 

Visit her website at

Free Demonstration. Kathy Collins. Watercolor collage featuring Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks. 01.28.18

Impressionistic Watercolors, featuring Daniel Smith watercolor sticks
From Inspiration to Presentation
with Kathy Collins
Kathy will demonstrate her process for impressionistic paintings, from beginning with watercolor sticks, to mounting on board for a contemporary look. 

Her award-winning paintings have been featured in American Artist, The Artist's Magazine, and the Splash-Best of Watercolor series. 

Her work with watercolor sticks has recently been seen in the December 2017 issue of Watercolor Artist Magazine.  Kathy is a Signature Member of the NWWS and Women Painters of Washington.  

Visit her site to see more of her work:

Watercolor Workshop.Chihiro Yable. Roses in a Jar. 01.14.17

Sunday, January 14 – $100 WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP
with Chihiro Yabe

Watercolor roses look beautiful and timeless, but painting them can be intimidating.

Chihiro will teach her approach to soft, beautiful florals in watercolor with this project oriented step by step workshop.  

Registration is required and a supply list will be available via email. 

Please call 425-643-1781 to register or email 
(include your phone number so we can complete registration)

Stella Canfield Comes to Bellevue February 2018

The Magic of Watercolor 
with Stella Canfield

Saturday Feb 17-Sunday Feb 18 – $250 WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP
The Magic of Watercolor 
10:30-4:30 each day
with Stella Canfield

Each day will include a demonstration by Stella, but be ready to WORK in this workshop.  Stella will take you through sketching, design, color, light and techniques combined with emotion, brush strokes, and final touches to create your own paintings.  Bring your own original reference photo.  A supply list will be provided via email. Registration is required.  

While talking about developing her own creative process, Stella will take you through sketching, design, color, light and techniques combined with emotion, brush strokes, and final touches to create a painting during this demo

Stella Canfield watercolor workshops are all about YOU! YOU develop your own creative process and finishing a painting everyday (if not two!). From sketching to design, color, light and techniques until applying emotion, brush strokes, and final touched, Stella will be there for you through the entire day, making you feel comfortable and confident with your process.

As important as painting, you will learn about Stella’s process (she calls it the ‘Muse') and how to fit art into the busy dynamic of the daily life. Stella is a working artist, mother of four, wife and friend, active member of society and a volunteer. She keeps up with life on two continents, North America and Europe. Her energy is contagious! Her passion for life and art is irresistible!

Each class starts with a fast demo after which you dedicate the rest of the day to YOU and YOUR process. Plan to work hard and have a lot of fun. Stella reports the biggest challenge artists face (in these workshops and generally) is to overcome and leave behind the worries and personal limits we carry around that prevent us from “getting into the Zone”. You will paint! You will free yourself from pressure and judgment. You will accept the pleasure of enjoying the creative process while creating for no one else but yourself. There are no limits to creation!

Free Hands On Demo. DS Luminescent Watercolors with Thom Wright

Daniel Smith's Luminescent Watercolors - Unlock the Potential
with Thom Wright

Join Thom for a hands-on chance to try DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Watercolors!This event is for adults from beginner to expert.

You'll learn the difference between Iridescent, Interference, Duochrome and Pearlescent paints. More importantly, you'll get to play with them and see what they do on different backgrounds. Learn to use these beautiful paints to add effects to your paintings impossible to get any other way.

Never touched a paint brush? Now is the time. Looking for something new to bring to your paintings? Let's explore together. Expand your knowledge, spend some time creating, and have some bright and shiny FUN during these dark winter days!

Space and supplies are limited, please call the store to reserve your space for this FREE event.

Business of Art Series Winter 2017

Business of Art - A series of conversations for professional and soon to be professional artists
with Ray Pfortner
Select Tuesdays

Join Ray Pfortner and other area artists to discuss how, why, when and if to make your art into a business. Learn from each other what has worked for others and might work for you, too. Come for one or all of the series.  Even if you've attended before, each session is different with different attendees, points of view, experiences, and insights. 

November 7
20 Practical Tips for selling your Art (Originals and more)

November 14
Turn your Art into Cards and SELL them

December 5
Merchandising, Licensing, and Pricing your Art




Sunday October 22,  2017
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Though oil colour has been around for 600 years it can still be daunting. Luckily Winsor & Newton has been at it for long time too!

Demo artist, Amanda Sweet will help take the mystery out of painting with oils and the mediums and products available to artists. All 119 of Winsor & Newton's Artists’ Oil Colours have the highest level of pigmentation, a characteristic consistent with the broadest handling properties demanded by artists for excellent covering power and tinting strength.

Artists in attendance will learn rules to help them create paintings of long lasting permanence, such as fat over lean. We will discuss fundamentals of colour mixing, pigments, painting techniques, and introduce the family of Liquin mediums.

Each attendee will receive a sample pack of Artists’ Oil Colour materials.

Please call 425-643-1781 to register. Space is limited. 

Pet Portraits- A different approach

Pet Portraits - a different approach in Watercolor
with Molly Murrah
Saturday, October 14 – Free Demonstration


Molly Murrah has been teaching a different approach to watercolor portraits for a couple of years in which she renders subjects using a combination of transparent and opaque watercolor pigments. This technique is a perfect blend between painting in watercolor and painting in acrylic, without the drying issues and permanence of putting acrylics on paper. Molly will demonstrate a looser, freer style that lends itself to any subject, but pet portraits are especially fun!

She will explain how to transfer a reference image to your paper using one of several techniques. She’ll talk about whether a wet into wet underpainting is desired; how to crop for a good composition; how to finish your pet portraits with bright opaque colors if you want to get a little wild and crazy.

Join Molly for a very fun demo on October 14th!

Paint a Little. Free Watercolor Hands On Session.

Sunday, October 29 – Watercolor  Hands ON
Paint a Little with Cindy Valdez
Join Cindy for play time with watercolor.  She’ll show you some ideas for clouds and skies that will get your brushes loaded and the color flowing.
This is not a structured watercolor lesson, but a chance to experiment , play, and have a good time.

We'll supply the paints, paper, brushes and water, you just come and have some fun.

Supplies are limited, please call store to save your place. 425.643.1781

Free Demonstration. Primatek Watercolors.

Sunday, October 15 – Special Presentation: Daniel Smith Product
Primatek Watercolors
with Thom Wright
The Primatek line is a special collection of watercolors made from jewelry grade gemstones and minerals available exclusively from Daniel Smith.  DS developed this line from a genuine appreciation of natural materials and how artists of many cultures have used them for expression.

 Find out how they’re made and the properties that make these colors so delightful to work with.